Digital Intern Hemoglobin Manager

The user must enter a goal. When using the Digital Intern at your organization, this information may be entered through order specific questions or in the Digital Intern sidebar activity.

For purposes of this demonstration tool, enter the required information and as much of the optional information as you choose. When using the Digital Intern at your organization, most of this information will be pulled to the Digital Intern from your electronic medical record system through an interface. The remainder of this information (in this case, the max re-draw time and max transfusion limit) are configuration options that your organization will set ahead of time. The user will not need to enter this information manually.

In the event of a large drop in the patient's hemoglobin (or hematocrit) level, the Digital Intern may suspect that the new lab value is an error. In this case, it may recommend not giving blood right away or giving only a small amount while also immediately re-sending the lab. These recommendations are made when the patient is stable. If you do not enter heart rate, blood pressure, and O2 Sat, we will not assume the patient is stable. When integrated with your medical record system, this information is almost always available. For purposes of this web tool, enter all of this data to see this functionality in action.

Recommendations shown would be displayed in the interfaced electronic medical record as text, a BPA, or a recommended order.
Required Information


Goal Hematocrit
Goal Hemoglobin


Optional Information
Previous Hematocrit
Previous Hemoglobin
Net I/O
O2 Sat
Diastolic BP
Systolic BP
Max Transfusion Limit
Max Redraw Time

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